Monday, 2 January 2012

Just A Thought!

A Fictious Story for the New Year


Powerful Media organisation gets so powerful it starts to dictate how the world is run and who runs it. It steals people and organisational secrets by devious means and then holds them to ransom.

As and when these people/organisations don’t play the game, they are hung out to dry in public with their secrets printed in B&W and then plastered all over the 24 hour news.

Eventually those who were being held to ransom decided to fight back and break the powerful media organisation until it was in ruins and couldn’t function anymore.

The Plan

Is quite simple and is to provide an unlikely scenario and a chain of events that eventually hoists the news organisation on it’s own petard. Puts them in the public domain and then hangs them out to dry.

The Consortium

Of course to create such a plan needed a consortium of people that had a common goal. It needed financing It needed support It needed to capture the imagination of the general public.

It needed those with creative abilities to design a plot that would engage all sectors of society for all types of reasons. It needed a story with longevity. It also needed those willing to act out the plot until the end alongside the finances to support those that would eventually agree to act out the final plan.

The Plot

In this case it was the story of a child that vanished into thin air whilst on holiday in Europe from a quiet resort and unlocked apartment whilst her parents dined with close friends at a local restaurant.
The Conclusion

The story captured the imagination of the general public. The story ran and ran. As always some (Us) got caught up in the finer detail and the weeds they always say the devil is in the detail. Whilst we all swim about in the detail and the weeds of the story there are those that are above water acting out the final scenes of bringing down a news empire.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

A Few Thoughts

So what is Nits Ramblings now? Well its just a place where I can have a ramble about anything and everything. 

Do I care if anyone reads my blog? 

No not at all my blog is for me if anyone passes by and has a read so be it. 

The thoughts are mine and mine alone they do not represent anyone else's thoughts. 

I have just chosen to make my thoughts on all matter of things public